Vijay in Mersal Movie Win all contreversy







A majority of the Tamil film fraternity has come together in support of Mersal, agaist the politicians wanting to remove the scenes with dialogues on Digital India and GST. 

The hashtag #GSTVijayWar has been trending on Twitter ever since the issue surfaced. The South Indian Film Chamber of Commerce is the apex body of studio owners, producers, distributors and exhibitors from all the states of South India. And it has come out in defence of Vijay’s Mersal.

In its press statement, SIFCC has condemned two things. They are against politicians demanding for removal of dialogues in a film which has been certified by the censor board. According to them, the Supreme Court has ruled that such change after certification is not possible.

Next, H Raja confessed before a press reporter that he watched Mersal on the internet. They have reportedly made a complaint to the Prime Minister’s Office regarding the same, and have asked for action to be taken against the BJP leader for violating the Piraimary act of vijay.


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